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A New Horizon


Cruce Signati is thrilled to announce the launch of its first full line of luxury eyewear in an exclusive partnership with international eyewear designer Khristian Michaels, a visionary in the world of fashion. This dynamic collaboration marks a new and defining chapter for both brands, combining K Michael's brilliant expertise in the eyewear industry with Cruce Signati's passionate and cutting-edge approach to design and quality. Aiming to redefine the standards of eyewear excellence.

Khristian Michaels first burst onto the fashion scene in 2010 with one simple goal - be an immovable force. Making quality eyewear for every walk of life and inspiring confidence and self expression within anyone who looks at the world through his lenses. Partnering with NYS Collection the Forever K Michael brand went global, hitting over 250 malls in 40 different countries, including Queens Center Mall NYC, Lenox and Perimeter Mall Atlanta, Westfield Mall London and Moko Mall China.





As Lead Designer at NYS Collection, K Michael went on to become one of the most coveted eyewear designers for celebrity lines, from Hollywood to Dubai. Creating Shaquille O'Neal's Dunkman Eyewear, Snooki by Nicole Polizzi, as well as designing custom lines for Zac Efron, George Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Melissa Joan Hart and MTV's Jersey Shore. But it's his latest venture that's revived a fire not felt since the very beginning.

"It's not very often you come across a brand that is truly passionate about what they do," said K Michael. "A brand that pours their all into both their products and their customers. Cruce Signati is that. They are the definition of passion. Their commitment to excellence and innovation, as well as loyalty to their customers is exactly where we want to be heading. We are thrilled to partner with Cruce Signati and we can't wait to see where the future takes us."